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Advanced Decisions prides itself on helping our clients “Develop Wisely.™” A term we keep in mind when we work with clients. It is an overarching belief that wisdom, which is based on experience, plays an enormous role in productivity and decision-making.

Our expertise from system software and hardware design, to software process improvement not only saves you time, but also saves you money. Advanced Decisions has helped engineering and product development groups to build more reliable, higher quality products more quickly. We’ve worked on projects big and bigger— and some so secret we’re not allowed to talk about. So if NASA calls asking if we mentioned our contribution to building sensor software for the COBE Satellite, you have our permission –and NASA’s –to say yes.


We take the time to understand a situation clearly, think through it and only then move forward without hesitation. It’s the ability to make “advanced” decisions that separates top performers from average workers. That is why we’ve been in business for over 40 years.


Advanced Decisions has been a part of numerous organizations in the local community and is proud to support each and every one we have worked with over the years.


Advanced Decisions has also played an active role in the annual BikeTheBeach Fundraiser held by the Probus Club of Greater Bridgeport. The BikeTheBeach event helps raise money to benefit people with disabilities. It is a fun and scenic ride attracting cyclists from the tri-state area. Advanced Decisions has been a sponsor of this event since it first started over 20 years ago. In addition, Principal Gary Felberbaum has held leadership positions in the Probus Club as well as riding in the event nearly every year.