Tamper Evident Digital Audio Recording

Needs Statement

With new digital audio technologies in active use, it is must easier today to modify audio after it has been recorded. Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of audio recording equipment. They wanted to know for certain that recorded audio had not been tampered with, so that the audio would be "bullet-proof" in cases involving the audio data. The client perceived this as a growing market for insurance and quality control, and sought help from Advanced Decisions to design a technical solution that would reveal if the audio data had been altered.

Major Challenges

To develop a patentable process and technology to determine if a digitally recorded element has been altered in any way without modifying the underlying audio.


Advanced Decisions invented a novel procedure to determine if digitally recorded audio has been altered. We used a combination of software and off-the-shelf encryption hardware to digitally sign recorded audio files. Using a third party digital certificate each signed audio file may be analyzed to determine authenticity. The software application is owned by Advanced Decisions and is sold via licensing arrangement to our clients. There is currently a patent pending on this technology.

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