Secure Enterprise-wide Communication Platform

The Challenge

Create a secure, enterprise-wide set of applications and intelligent devices to enable the Client to meet new regulatory requirements. Provide a platform for new business services while supporting all legacy systems.

The Solution

Advanced Decisions assigned two senior consultants to work with the Client’s engineers and stakeholders representing different segments of the business to create comprehensive set of product requirements. With buy-in by various stakeholders Advanced Decisions assembled a team of software developers, embedded system developers and quality control individuals. The application and devices were built upon the latest cryptographic platform available and leveraged commercially available software wherever possible. Advanced Decisions key contributions to the new product development were:

  1. Applying SDLC process immediately
  2. Building a multi-dimensional team of architects, software and embedded people
  3. Incorporating ALL stakeholder positions early in the development
  4. Adding Quality Assurance leader at the outset of the software design

The Results

The product was launched on time having achieved regulatory and production approval. The system is in operation 24x7 since 2003.

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