Multi-Tier Scientific Application

Needs Statement

The client was a start-up company that had a vision for a new product that would help chemists - at the largest life sciences companies in the world - improve their formulations. The client had attempted to develop a prototype system, but it had not yielded a usable product. The client brought in Advanced Decisions to architect the product a new, establish software development process and build the core team.

Major Challenges

It was decided early on that the product was to be platform independent and back-end neutral, in order to be deployed at a variety of customer sites. In addition to core functionality, it was critical that individual end users be able to configure the product with specific custom requirements.


The Advanced Decisions' team worked collaboratively with executive management and users to develop a flexible framework to allow custom and core functionality, based on a Java three-tier architecture. In addition to designing and developing the product, Advanced Decisions helped the client build a self-supporting department and instill a professional development philosophy in a young development team. Together with the new team, Advanced Decisions also pioneered an innovative requirements gathering and design methodology resulting in accurate scheduling and a higher quality product with each deployment. After several years of collaboration between the client and the Advanced Decisions team, the software application is currently installed in many of the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare companies worldwide. The client has seen revenues grow severalfold and is poised for expansion. Advanced Decisions continues to work with the client on new product development engagements.

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