Distributed Intelligent Recording Test Appliance

Needs Statement

Client manufactures audio recording equipment for telephony integration. The client wanted to reduce testing cost and time by creating a proprietary piece of test equipment that could generate random test data quickly. The device could also be resold to recoup development costs and address a new market niche for test equipment.

Major Challenges

The client required a stand-alone, script-based test device. It had to be portable, configurable and remotely accessible. The client also required the device to support 2-T1 or 2-E1 telephony signals with individual time slot control.


Client outsourced the Distributed Intelligent Test Appliance to Advanced Decisions as a fixed-price turnkey system. Advanced Decisions designed a stand-alone network appliance employing a highly integrated microprocessor and custom FPGA technology on a multi-layer PC board. An ARM based microprocessor that incorporates IO was used as the central control element. The THREAD-X RTOS was employed as the real-time pre-emptive kernel. Advanced Decisions developed a variable length flash memory file management system. The user interacted with the device via a script-based language. The language enabled sequential, iterative and logic based instruction processing. The User interface was based upon a web browser based design to allow control of the device, monitoring of the status and software update. The Test Appliance was immediately put in use by test engineers, factory and service personnel. The company is still exploring resale options.

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