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A 10 year Client of Advanced Decisions needed immediate assistance to address a troubling slowdown in product performance. Over time the software application evolved through continued modifications and resulted in a noticeable decrease in user response during certain activities. Although the Client's own developers were already looking at the problem, the CEO thought it would be faster to initiate a short-term engagement by the product's original software architect. Since the individual is an ADI Consultant and has software and business domain knowledge, the CEO thought it would be faster to have him diagnose and to start making meaningful changes.

The Challenge

The root cause of the Application slowdown was unknown, however one month of consulting service was allocated to diagnose the problem, modify the design and if at all possible to start making meaningful changes to the program. Many years of enhancement to the product of new features was considered to be the cause of the performance degradation. But where was the problem?

The Solution

The Consultant met with the company developers and then immersed himself in the program. The first step was to reproduce the problem. The Client and Consultant setup a work environment to duplicate the user experience. Using knowledge of the application design and structure the Consultant was able to measure and analyze performance bottlenecks. Within a week the focus was narrowed to a few specific areas with in the overall program. After two weeks the Consultant was able to make enough changes to demonstrate a 2-fold improvement in performance. He was on the right track.

The Results

After continued analysis, debugging and more software changes the ADI Consultant was able to achieve an 8-fold improvement in user response. At the end of the four-week assignment, in addition to the improved response, the Consultant proposed software architecture recommendations that the Client could implement which should offer further performance improvement.

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